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Neighbouring Municipalities: Porto Azzurro, Portoferraio, Rio Marina
Zip Code: 57039 - Area Code: (0565)
Country: Italy - Region: Tuscany
Province: Livorno (LI) - Tuscan Archipelago
Inhabitants: 1212 (riesi)
Density: 73 inhabitants / km²
Fractions: Nisporto Nisportino, Bagnaia
Altitude: 516 m Max - Min 0 m
Altitude range: 516 m
Surface: 16.71 sq km
Latitude: 42 ° 48'50 "N 76
Longitude: 10 ° 24'7 "E 92
Decimal Degrees: 42.8141; 10.4022
Locator (WWL): JN52ET
Day Degree: 1236
Climatic Zone (a): C
Starting thermal plants: 10 hours a day from November 15 to March 31
Seismic classification: very low seismicity
ISTAT code: 049016
Land Registry code: H297
Festive day: July 25
Patron Saint: San Giacomo

Rio nell'Elba is an ancient borough in Elba island. Its origins date back to the Bronze Age. Destroyed in 1534 by the pirate Barbarossa, it was later rebuilt by the Appiani’s family.

Rio nell'Elba is perched on the slopes of Mount Capannello, 178 meters above sea level and at the bottom of Mount Strega. In the middle of the mining area, Rio nell'Elba has one of the richest history and tradition of Elba island.

Rio Elba was an important mining center, thanks to its iron mines dating back to the Etruscan times, until their recent closure around 1970. UNESCO has placed Elba Island in the map of the places with highest scientific prestige. On Map "World Meritage Provisional List of Geological Sites", the mining areas of Rio and Mount Calamita, are classified as geological monuments of the most prestigious on the planet.

In fact there are classified more than 150 species of minerals in Elba’s area, mostly coming from this side of the island.

Some of these minerals are exhibited in the Museum of Elba Minerals Alfeo Ricci and in the Gemological and Mineralogical Museum of San Piero in Campo.

The Village of Rio nell'Elba, still preserves its medieval appearance, with its modest architecture, especially along the main alleys characterized by small steps and bottlenecks. Every corner is embellished with coats of arms and portals made of marble, slate , granite and Serena stone. The old town is mostly inhabited by locals decorating their balconies with flowers.

In recent years the village has grown, with the birth of a new residential district which gets busy especially during the summer.

Tuesday market day open from 8:00 to 13:00

The most important events in the town of Rio nell'Elba are:

  • January 6  La Natività di Rio Castello (Rio Castello’s Nativity)
  • July 25 San Giacomo the patron saint of Rio nell'Elba


District of Rio nell'Elba

Rio nell'Elba’s Municipal Land is wide enough to include in its area the seaside villages of Bagnaia, Nisporto and Nisportino. These resorts offer the possibility of staying in accommodation such as Apartments for rent, Hotels and Bed & Breakfast.


Bagnaia, is located at the opposite end of Portoferraio’s Gulf. Bagnaia belongs administratively in part to the...


Nisporto is a lovely location in Elba, situated on the northeastern coast. It is located about 5 km from Rio nell'Elb...


Nisportino is a tourist resort of the island located on the Northeastern coast. Surrounded by the Tuscan Archipelago ...

Beaches from Rio nell'Elba

The municipality of Rio nell'Elba does not offer a wide choice of beaches, but it is worth visiting those in this side for their charming atmosphere, given by their characteristic wildlife and their crystal water getting turquoise. The North-Eastern side of Elba is the heart of the mining area, where the rocky coastline is interrupted by small beaches with fine bright sand, high cliffs and beautiful coves accessible only by sea.

Among all, we suggest you to visit the beaches of Nisporto and Nisportino, small tourist resorts of the island, ideal for a holiday by the sea, surrounded by a natural and relaxing environment. It is worth visiting even the remaining coves, belonging to the municipality of Rio nell'Elba, among all we remind you: the cove Zuppignano, the cove of Rivercina and the cove of Mangani, also called cala dell’Inferno (Hell’s cove).

Nisportino beach

Nisportino beach

Wide sandy beach mixed with pebbles.
Features: it has a wild look and offers beach services.

Nisporto beach

Nisporto beach

Unspoiled beach on the northern coast.
Features: sand and colored pebbles.

Bagnaia beach

Bagnaia beach

Equipped beach ideal for children.
Features: sand and colored pebbles.

Beach of Le Secche

Beach of Le Secche

Wild beach near Nisporto.
Features: gravelly, it can be reached only by sea.

Spiaggia di Zupignano

Spiaggia di Zupignano

Wild beach near Nisporto.
Features: gravelly, it can be reached only by sea.

Beach of Rivercina

Beach of Rivercina

Wild beach near Nisportino.
Features: gravelly, can be reached only by sea.

Points of interest Rio nell'Elba

Of particular relevance in Rio nell'Elba there is the small square of the Church of Santa Trinità (XI sec.), the Fortress of San Giacomo and the picturesque town center with its characteristic streets.

Also interesting are the old public wash houses  built with five spouts carved in stone.

The Museum of Elba Minerals Alfeo Ricci is located in the historical center of Rio nell'Elba and it houses more than 700 pieces of the many varieties of minerals from all the island.

Nearby it is worth visiting  Volterraio’s Castle, which towers over the top of Volterraio’s peak. The building was commissioned in the eleventh century by Vanni di Gherardo Rau, during the rule of Pisa. Worth visit are also: The Fortress of Giogo, on Mount Giove from which you can enjoy a breath-taking view, the Grassera’s Ruins and the Sanctuary of St. Catherine of Alexandria on Mount Serra.

Rio nell'Elba is also a good starting point for trekkers and mountain bike riders, thanks to the many trails departing nearby.

Bike trails at Elba Island

Elba Gravity Bike Park

Elba Gravity Bike Park

Six wonderful tracks for mountain biking and for extreme sports like cross country and freeride.

Places of worship at Elba

Saint Catherine hermitage

Saint Catherine hermitage

Impressive Hermitage dedicated to Saint Catherine, it is located near Rio nell'Elba in a panoramic position.
St James Church

St James Church

St James the Apostle Church, or Saint James the Apostle and Quirico Church in Rio nell'Elba
Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church

Also known as the Church of the Eternal Father, it was built in the 18th century in Rio nell'Elba.


Orto dei Semplici

Orto dei Semplici

Organized in 10 thematic sections, it collects typical plants of Elba, many of them endangered.


Feast of Sportella

Feast of Sportella

Every Easter Monday the feast of Sportella takes place in the Hermitage of Santa Caterina in Rio nell'Elba.


Public wash house

Public wash house

Near to the Canali spring, the public wash house appears close to the old town center.
Giove Tower

Giove Tower

Today shows as a part of the in ruin castle in panoramic position close to Rio nell’Elba


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