Luisi d'Angelo beach

Luisi d'Angelo beach Tourist information

Pebbly beach within the Municipality of Rio Marina

Features of Luisi d'Angelo beach
Length: 40 meters - Average width: 4 m
Exposed to: winds from the Northwest to Southeast 
Sheltered to: Southern winds thanks to Capo Ortano
GD: 42.805785 - 10.429609
GMS Latitude: 42°48'20.827''N - Longitude: 10°25'46.591''E 

Description of Luisi d'Angelo Beach

This small and wild beach is enclosed in a lovely cove surrounded by the Mediterranean maquis. Its small shore is composed of medium sized and multicolored pebbles. The beach is free of any service.

Access to Luisi d'Angelo beach

To get to the beach, just before reaching the town of Rio Marina, turn right following the signs for Via Panoramica del Porticciolo. After about 2 km, with the last part of dirt road, and near the house number 23, turn into a small shady path that crosses some oak and pine trees until you reach the sea. The path, which is a bit long, goes through a portion of private property that ensures and facilitates the access to the sea.

Amenities available on this beach

Free beach Free beach Not accessible by car Not accessible by car Pebble beach Pebble beach
Snorkeling Snorkeling Unfrequented Unfrequented

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