Vigneria beach

Vigneria beach Tourist information

Small pebbly beach in the Municipality of Rio Marina

Features of Vigneria beach
Length: 150 m - Average width: 6 m
Exposed to: winds from North to South  
Sheltered to: Westerlies
GD: 42.822168 - 10.430902
GMS Latitude: 42°49'19.805''N - Longitude: 10°25'51.245''E 

Description of Vigneria Beach

The small beach of Vigneria is located within the mining area of ​​Rio Marina. Behind it still stand old facilities of the Giove Valley Mine, once used for the extraction of iron. This wild looking beach is almost uncrowded and free of service; its shore is made up of large reddish stones mixed with fine gravel and dark sand. On the beach there is the rest of an old pier used to load the ore.

Access to Vigneria beach

To access the beach along the road that leads to Cavo, just out from Rio Marina, there is a flight of steps of a few meters which ends on the shore.

Amenities available on this beach

Free beach Free beach Pebble beach Pebble beach Snorkeling Snorkeling
Unfrequented Unfrequented

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