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Neighbouring Municipalities:Marciana
Zip Code: 57033 Area code (0565)
Country: Italy - Region: Tuscany - Province: Livorno (LI) – Tuscan Archipelago
Inhabitants: 1992 (marinesi) - Density: 340,1 ab/kmq
Fractions:La Cala - Cotoncello
Altitude:Max 262 m - Min 0 m
Altitude Range:  262 m
Surface:  5,64 Kmq
Latitude:  42°48'13"32 N
Longitude: 10°11'50"28 E
Decimal Degrees: 42,8037; 10,1973
Locator (WWL):JN52CT
Day Degree:989
Climatic zone (a): C
Starting Thermal Plants:10 hours a day from November 15 to March 31.
Seismic Classification: very low seismicity
ISTAT code:  049011
Land Registry Code:E931
Festive Day: August 12
Patron Saint:Santa Chiara

Marciana Marina is the smallest of the 8 municipalities of Elba Island as well as one of the least extended of Italy, precisely the third smallest municipality of Italy. Its territory comprises the old town, the beautiful seafront Regina Margherita decorated with tamarisks leading to the Port and the hinterland.

Thanks to the application of some smart policies for coastal and architectural heritage preservation , Marciana Marina was able to maintain the original features of the village dating back the 19th century, despite the tourist boom and considerable tourism development building.

Marciana Marina gained independence from the municipality of Marciana in 1884. In the past this area was used as an important seaport by the Marina di Marciana and it was mainly inhabited by fishermen.

In fact this was also the place where boats were built and repaired using wood from chestnut trees of Marciana’ s maquis.

The traditional fishermen’s houses in pastel colors built upon cliffs are still preserved today and confer a lot of charm to the village of Marciana Marina. There are picturesque neighborhoods and alleys of granite that intersect along the pastel-colored houses such as Borgo del Cotone.

Thanks to its fully furnished tourist port built in 1911, Marciana Marina can host boats of different sizes and offer boat storage services.

Over the port rises the ancient Torre degli Appiani (Appiani Tower) built in the 11th century as symbol of Marciana Marina and used still nowadays as emblem of the village. The Tower was built in order to foresee pirate invasions and protect the village; it was then controlled by the Saraceni and again by the Medici.

This small lovely tourist location of Elba is one of the most fascinating and famous place in the island. An event not to be missed is surely the celebration of the Patron Saint Santa Chiara on the 12th of August which gathers thousands of tourists from all over the island thanks to its holy procession, fireworks show and music from midnight onwards.

Each year there are other important musical and literary events with international guests in Marciana

  • Tuesday outdoor market from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

 The most important events in the Municipality of Marciana Marina are:

  •        May Un Mare di Sapori
  •        August 12 Celebration of Santa Chiara, Patron Saint of Marciana Marina


District of Marciana Marina

Given the limited extension of its territory, Marciana Marina does not offer further tourist locations unlike other municipalities in Elba. However, we suggest to visit the fascinating Borgo del Cotone, Crocetta, Fenicia and Ripa Barata beaches.

Il Bagno

Il Bagno is a residential area within the municipality of Marciana Marina, located on the northern coast of Elba Isla...

Le Sprizze

Le Sprizze is one of the few locations within the Municipality of Marciana Marina. The location is directly by the se...

Lo Schioppo

Lo Schioppo known as Punta Schioppo or caletta dello Schioppo is a small residential fraction located along the stret...

Beaches from Marciana Marina

The coast of the municipality of Marciana Marina (Marinese), develops on the north-western side of Elba Island. Even though its territory is not much extended it is highly characterized by the granite massif of the Mount Capanne.

There are not many beaches within this  municipality given that it is the third smallest one in Italy with a 5 km square surface.

Nearby the village of Marciana Marina located on the north-western side of Elba Island, there are two among the most fascinating and popular beaches of this tourist beach resort: Fenicia beach which is behind the tower of the marina dominating over the port and the beach of Marciana Marina in front of the promenade.

Being these two beaches the most popular of the area, they offer bathing services, beach clubs, umbrellas and boats rentals.

The remaining part of the territory of Marciana Marina does not offer sandy beaches, but quiet coves which are ideal to enjoy a peaceful and calm day by the sea. Not to far from the port there is a small street going up towards a forest which is then connected to the beach of Ripa Barata via a walking trail.

The other places attended for bathing by the rocks are the Nasuto’s tip, the Madonna’s or (crocetta)tip, the pebbled beach of Bagno and the one of Sprizze. These are wonderful coves which can be easily reached via sea, such as Cala and Caletta and the minor pebbled beaches of Crocetta, Bagno and Sprizze. 

Bagno beach

Bagno beach

Pebbly beach close to Marciana Marina. Features: small beach shaded in the late afternoon. Pebbly beach mixed with s...
Sprizze beach

Sprizze beach

Pebbly beach located between Marciana Marina and Procchio.
Features: beach shaded by the Mediterranean maquis.

Cove of Crocetta

Cove of Crocetta

Cove with gravels close to Marciana Marina.
Features: unspoiled area with emerald water.

Rocks of Schioppo

Rocks of Schioppo

Cliff with platform close to Marciana Marina.
Features: rocks and cement reachable only by sea.

Remontò beach

Remontò beach

Small hidden cove located near Marciana Marina.

Cliff of Cotone

Cliff of Cotone

Cliff easy to access in Marciana Marina.
Features: ideal for fishing, it reaches a quiet cove.

Marciana Marina beach

Marciana Marina beach

Two sandy and graveled beaches next to the village.
Features: ideal for children, with services.

Fenicia beach

Fenicia beach

Pebbly beach with a lovely Cove.
Features: it has beach clubs and services.

Points of interest Marciana Marina

The main things to see in Marciana Marina are the Church of Santa Chiara dating back 1776 and Torre degli Appiani (Appiani’s Tower) in the port of Marciana Marina. 


Events Marciana Marina

Events Marciana Marina

Info and tips about the events taking place in the village of Marciana Marina, in Elba Island.

Places of worship at Elba

The Church of Santa Chiara

The Church of Santa Chiara

The parish Church of Santa Chiara of Assisi is located in 11, Vittorio Emanuele square , at Marciana Marina.


Seafront Marciana Marina

Seafront Marciana Marina

Romantic walk on the seafront discovering the charming Borgo del Cotone (Village of Cotton).--INTRODUCTION--Approxima...


Marciana Marina Tower

Marciana Marina Tower

Watchtower of Pisan Age is located on the port in Marciana Marina.

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