Cliff of Cotone

Cliff of Cotone

Cliff of Cotone Tourist information

Cotone Cliff in the Municipality of Marciana Marina

Features of Cotone Cliff:

Length: 100 meters - Average width: 10 m
Exposed to: winds from Northeast to Northwest 
Sheltered to: winds from the southeast to the southwest
GD: 42.80683 - 10.202772
GMS Latitude: 42 ° 48'24.588''N - Longitude: 10 ° 12'9.978''E 

Description of the Cotone Cliff

Cotone is the old and picturesque district of Marciana Marina, inhabited in the past by local fishermen. From here a beautiful and accessible cliff, cream colored in the first part and then blending into darker reddish tones, stretches along the coast until reaching the Cotone Cove, which encloses a small dark graveled beach.

Access to the Cotone Cliff and Cove

In order to reach the cliff, just reach the village of Marciana Marina and park your car right at the entrance of Viale Regina Margherita , then walk east towards the district of Cotone (Borgo del Cotone) until arriving to the romantic dock. From here cross a small wooden bridge  and continue on the cliff of Cotone.

Instead, if you want to reach the Cotone Cove, there are two possible ways: the first way is before reaching Marciana Marina, near several parking lots and a scenic area over the town of Marciana Marina, from which you can admire the bay from the top; the second, and harder, way is to go downhill along the path that begins in location Belvedere (viewpoint), which crosses the Mediterranean maquis until reaching the beautiful Cotone Cove.


Foto by Cliff of Cotone

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