Walk Torre San Giovanni

Path of about 1.5 km - Easy route

Starting point: San Giovanni’s Tower

We start from the beautiful tower from Pisa of the eleventh century, near Sant'Ilario, from whose pitch you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Gulf of Marina di Campo. We are located along the road that leads to Monte Perone. Near a bend you will find a large granite boulder from which a trail that will lead us to the Hermitage of San Francesco Saverio.

The cart track descends slightly downhill before in a holm oak forest, then on into a chestnut wood and finally passed a stone bridge, ends in a clearing where we meet the path indicated by a yellow sign, which quickly leads us to the ruins of the hermitage. Let us go back on to the road and go up the road until you reach the Romanesque church of San Giovanni, which appears surrounded by greenery and surrounded by a garden with benches and tables where you can have picnics.
Saint John pieve

Saint John pieve

It is an ancient XII century pieve, an important Romanesque remain between Sant’Ilario town and San Piero town.

San Giovanni Tower

San Giovanni Tower

On the side of Monte Perone near the towns of San Piero and Sant'Ilario, is the charming tower watching over the gulf of Marina di Campo.

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