Archeological Museum in Marciana

The Civic Archeological Museum in Marciana is located in Marciana, a town in the North-Western area of Elba Island, more specifically in the Palazzo del Pretorio (from the XVII century); during the renovation in the end of the ‘90s, the museum kept outside the original building features so it is necessary to follow the road signs carefully, in order to find it.

The Marciana Archeological Museum was opened in 1968, it is the first archeological museum on Elba, it consists of four rooms and it houses many relics that were found during the escavations in the ‘60s, the relics from the important complex of the San Giuseppe tomb cave in Rio on Elba and the materials from the escavations ran in the Etruscan fortress in Monte Castello, in Procchio, in whose water, in the ‘70s, they found most of the shipment from a sunk Roman ship from the II century a.D. .

As a result of the renovation in the ‘90s, Marciana Antiquarium presents now a new set-up for the important relics it houses, and in 2002 a new path has been created and it shows the collections chronologically depending on the site they were found.

The museum park is made up of four temathic rooms, behind the showcases by the wall there are precious relics that witness the presence of ancient civilizations in the Elban Western areas.


Room I: it houses the Elban prehistoric and protohistoric section, with relics about the Paleolithic hunters, about the Neolithic farmer that used to live on the island, about people from the Bronze age who lived at Madonna del Monte, at Monte Giove and in other places of the Western mountain. They lived on farming and pastoralism, and practised spinning and weaving, we know that because spindle whorls and loom weights were found.

The hatchets found in Chiessi in the Gneccarina Valley are from VIII century b.C., perfectly well-preserved, just like some grave goods from the rock necropolis on the Monte Capanne. 
The first room hosts even the relics belonging to the Etruscan and the proto-classical ages (beginning of VII century b.C. - V century b.C.), such as everyday life items, decorations and pottery objects.

Room II: it presents a selection of the most typical materials coming from Monte Castello di Procchio escavation sites, besides small parts of a terracotta sculpture, in particular part f the head.

Room III: it focuses on the important mineral resource in Elba, granite, on the Western side of the Island: escavation sites and techniques, and the tools which were used since the ancient times.

Room IV: it houses what is left from two sunk ships found in Procchio bay. The Roman ship (wreck I) was a pretty small (about 20 meters) transport ship and contained different types of goods inside the urns and precious items, such as relevant elegant glass crockery, with golden decorations. The second wreck belongs to a small trade ship from the XVIII century, which was carrying many types of goods, as well: glass-pottery, slipware pottery and majolica crockery, metal scissors in different sizes and flints.

The relics found on the ships show the flourishing commercial trade, typical in this Mediterranean area from the ancient to the modern age.

Information about the tour to Marciana Museum

Opening Hours

Only open from 18th June to 15th September

From Monday to Saturday: 10:00 - 13:00 / 16:00-19:00

Sunday: 10:00 - 13:00


€ 2,00 Museum Tour

€ 4,00 Museum Tour + Pisana Fortress

€ 5,00 Museum Tour + Pisana Fortress + Zecca di Marciana

Free entrance for children up to 12 years old

Location and Info

Palazzo del Pretorio, Via del Pretorio, 66 in Marciana

Comune di Marciana Tel.(+39) 0565.901216


Fortezza Pisana di Marciana

Fortezza Pisana di Marciana

Ancient Fortress overlooking the village of Marciana, now a place for events and wedding party.

Fortress Museum

Fortress Museum

Opened in 2013, it houses a collection of swords and some interesting relics taken from the Fortress itself.

Foundry of Marciana

Foundry of Marciana

Ancient foundry, coins issued by rulers (Principi) Appiani and Ludovisi were forged here.

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