Fortress Museum

In 2013 Marciana Fortress in Pisa came back to its ancient splendour: it is possible again to visit it and within the bastions you will find the new Fortress Museum, where you can see copies of weapons from Middle Ages and Renaissance, samples of crockery taken from the findings in the Fortress and important papers and documents.

Furthermore, during the historical commemoration in summertime in Marciana, it is possible to see the Fortress at the height of its ancient magnificence, thanks to the set-ups around it that make the audience feel as if they were in the XV century: the ancient functions are offered under a modern point of view, through a swords’ exhibition and a panoramic walk which takes advantage of the strategic location of the panoramic site.

Information about the Fortress Museum

Opening Hours

Only during summertime

Every day

 10:00 - 13:00;  16:00-19:30


€ 3,00  Museum tour

€ 4,00 Museum tour + Fortress tour

€ 5,00  Museum tour + Fortress tour + Zecca di Marciana (Marciana Mint)

Free entrance: children up to 12 years old

Location and Info

Piazzale della Fortezza (Fortress Square) , Marciana.

Comune di Marciana Tel.(+39) 0565.901216

Fortezza Pisana di Marciana

Fortezza Pisana di Marciana

Ancient Fortress overlooking the village of Marciana, now a place for events and wedding party.

Archeological Museum in Marciana

Archeological Museum in Marciana

The first archeological museum on Elba; it houses Elban relics, from the prehistoric age.

Foundry of Marciana

Foundry of Marciana

Ancient foundry, coins issued by rulers (Principi) Appiani and Ludovisi were forged here.

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