Fortezza Pisana di Marciana

The Fortress of Marciana dominates with hight walls the country of Marciana from which you can see a beautiful view of the fortress overlooking the square located in front of the imposing walls. The fortress can be reached by foot along the stairs of the old town center Marciana, characterized by narrow streets and small squares , or by car following the road signs that will lead you along a scenic drive to the parking located behind the fortress.
The main entrance is located in front of the highest homes of the village located behind the fort, and thanks to short, steep stone staircase you lead to the inner area of the Fortress.

The Pisan fortress can be visited only during the tourist season and allows you to retrace the parapet walk on the walls from which you can enjoy a wonderful view over the village and the green valley, where it is embedded village of Poggio, in the distance the village of Marciana Marina with its port and behind stands the summit of Monte Capanne.

Inside the courtyard you can admire an impressive dolium, discovered during the excavations of the Etruscan fortified village of Monte Castello in Procchio.

In 2013 within the two frontal bastions it was opened the Fortress Museum, where there are exhibitions of reproductions of Medieval and Renaissance weapons and pottery and archaeological finds. The scenic area, located in the ancient fortress, is a place of cultural meetings, musical shows and a sought-after location for wedding party in the island of Elba.


Located at an altitude of 415 m., the Fortress was built by Republic of Pisa in the 12th century to protect the inhabitants of Marciana by conflicts and pirates. After Pisa period, the Fortress fell to the Appiani family, that strengthened it and chose Marciana as a safe and representation place of their interests in island of Elba. The restoration and strengthening works of the fortress continued until the '700, partially with help of the marcianesi (inhabitants of Marciana). The military structure of the Fortress is one of the most interesting of the island of Elba, made up of a quadrangular plan, enclosed at the sides by four bastions that have sloping walls under the curb, with some guns.

In the bastion in the south-east side was a sentry-box that housed ammunitions and bombs.
In the south side of the courtyard is located a spring, powered by the nearby Fosso della Giunca, throught an underground pipeline to supply water in case of siege.

Informazioni sulla visita alla Fortezza di Marciana


Aperto solo durante la stagione estiva tutti i giorni

Mattina: 10:00 - 13:00

Pomeriggio: 16:00-19:30


€ 3,00 Visita al Museo

€ 4,00 Visita al Museo + Fortezza Pisana

€ 5,00 Visita al Museo + Fortezza Pisana + Zecca di Marciana

Ingresso gratuito ai bambini fino a 12 anni.

Luogo e Info

Piazzale della Fortezza - Paese di Marciana.

Comune di Marciana Tel.(+39) 0565.901216

Fortress Museum

Fortress Museum

Opened in 2013, it houses a collection of swords and some interesting relics taken from the Fortress itself.

Archeological Museum in Marciana

Archeological Museum in Marciana

The first archeological museum on Elba; it houses Elban relics, from the prehistoric age.

Foundry of Marciana

Foundry of Marciana

Ancient foundry, coins issued by rulers (Principi) Appiani and Ludovisi were forged here.

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