Fort Stella

Fort Stella together with Fort Falcone and Linguella Tower, constitutes one of the main defensive centre of De’ Medici fortress of Portoferraio. In dominat position 49 meters above sea level, rise above the ancient city of Portoferraio, from which high ground controls the entire bay of the city and the cliffs located to the north.

The entire fortified complex was built in 1548 on a design by the Architects Giovanni Camerini and Giovan Battista Belluzzi for Grand Duke Cosimo I de 'Medici behest, with the aim of creating a defensive structure and watch for the ancient Cosmopolis (Portoferraio). The defensive system of the De’ Medici fortifications, soon became an impregnable stronghold.

Fort Stella has a star-shaped plant, from which originates its name, and is made entirely of red brick and characterize by interior galleries with embrasure that cover the entire perimeter and that served to counter attacks. The entire defensive complex was built adapting to the coast overlooking the promontory on which it is located. At the top of the fortress there are five corner bastions, part of which still conserved its original watchtowers sentries.

Above the entrance door it is located a stone commemorating that remember the restitution of the city of Cosmopolis to the Grand Duke Ferdinand III of Lorraine in 1815 after the Congress of Vienna.

On the north-eastern summit stands the historic lighthouse of Portoferraio, which was built in a circular shape by the Grand Duke Leopold of Lorraine in 1788 in the place where previously stood a lamp, and which served to signal the impressive promontory situated behind the natural harbor of Portoferraio, the historian Sebastiano Lombardi called it the most beautiful and majestic lighthouse located in the Mediterranean.

Inside the complex are located several buildings, which once were used for various functions such as the powder magazine, armory, deposit warehouses, hospital and healing dwelling, as well as a small chapel that served as a place of prayer for the sentries who guarded the fort.

In the past the Fort Stella hosted the bronze bust of Cosimo I de' Medici, made by Benvenuto Cellini, then removed in 1781 by the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo, who moved it in Florence where it is still preserved in the Museum of the Bargello.

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Luogo e info

Centro storico di Portoferraio

Partendo dalla Palazzina dei Mulini, proseguite verso destra per Via della Stella, fino a raggiungere l'entrata del Forte Stella

Per info e prenotazioni: Coop CISSE - Tel. (+39)0565.916989

Linguella Tower

Linguella Tower

Also known as a Martello Tower is recognizable for its octagonal shape that dominates the entrance to the port of Portoferraio.

De’ Medici fortresses

De’ Medici fortresses

Wanted by Cosimo I de Medici, embracing the entire city of Portoferraio with its bastions.

Fort Falcone

Fort Falcone

Impressive De’ Medici fortification that dominates the historic center of Portoferraio.

English Fort

English Fort

Wanted by Cosimo III, it was built in 1700 and during his troubled history various names have been assigned.

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