Elba’s wine

Just like any other Tuscany’s place in the island of Elba there’s a good  local wines production, each one of them with different qualities and easy to match with typical traditional recipes.

Legend has it Napoleon himself tried to boost the growing of grapes and that he fell in love with Elba’s wine.

Among the most famous wines of the island we’d like to mention the Red Elba, the White Elba, the Rose one, the Ansonica and the sweet and alcoholic Aleatic, a true nectar to drink along with Cantucci and other typical Elba’s desserts. The origin of Elban wines is very old, actually before tourism  was so popular the economy of Elba was based mostly on farming, fishing and iron and granite mining activities.

The White Elba A.C.O. is made with Trebbiano grapes for at least a 50% percentage, with an add of Ansonica and Vermentino, and it’s definitely one of the tourists’ favorites thanks to its gentle taste that goes well with starters, main courses and seafood. The Red Elba is equally appreciated: perfect with pasta and tomatoes and grilled meat. This wine is made with at least 60% of sangiovese grapes.

Desserts wines are also appreciated and they’re very classy, such as Aleatico we already mentioned with its bright ruby red color,perfect to drink with Schiaccia Briaca Riese and Moscato of Elba, made with 100% moscato grapes, which will surprise you for its defined qualities but at the same time gentle.

D.O.C. = A.C.O appellation of certified origin
D.O.C.G. = A.C.G.O. appellation of certified and guaranteed origin
I.G.T. = typical geographical indication

How to serve

Elba White wine: it’s suggested to serve it in big bowled glasses at a temperature of 8-10 C.
Elba red wine: to be served in bordeaux bowled glasses at a temperature of 16-18 C.
Elba rose wine: to be served in big bowled glasses at a temperature of 12-14 C.

Elba white straw wine, PDO

Elba white straw wine, PDO

It is made of Ansonica, Moscato and Procranico and it is a dessert wine pairing well with tea biscuits.

Wine production

Wine production

Information and curiosities about the Elba PDO wine production, both red and rosé.

Wine storage

Wine storage

We always have to remember that quality wine is an alive and delicate product. Having said that, it’s important to pay attention to a significant step  that it’s often neglected.

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