Places of worship at Elba

At Elba island there are many places of worship, churches, parish churches and ancient hermitages. This is because of the scattered villages which in the past where barely linked to each other through narrow and long mule track on the mountains. These villages were mainly inhabited by farmers and fishermen, and so many places of worship consecrated to deities of the harvest and of the fishing were built. These places helped to the blessing of the earth and of the sea which guarantee the subsistence of the population with their precious fruits.

Christianity transformed these pagan places into shrines and parish churches, consecrated mainly to Virgin Mary (who usually substituted Cerere, the goddess of the earth and fertility), or to those Saints whose characteristics replicate those of the previous pagan deities.

Following the fall of Roman Empire communities of monks and hermits sought refuge in Elba island, often living in caves or in small parish churches. There are, so, many places of worship you can visit at Elba, and many religious events you can participate to, as the “infiorate” (decking with flowers) or the Patron’s days.

Below the dates of the religious holidays and of the Patron’s days:

Easter Monday: Festa della Sportella at Rio nell’Elba and Rio Marina – Saint Caterina’s hermitage

5th of May: mass in intercession of Napoleon at Elba. Misericordia church at Portoferraio

Corpus Domini day: infiorata at Marina di Campo

7th of August: Saint Gaetano’s day at Marina di Campo

10th of August: Saint Lorenzo’s day at Seccheto

12th of August: Saint Chiara’s day at Marciana Marina

16th of August: Saint Rocco’s day at Rio Marina and Procchio

8th of September: procession for the Virgin Mary of Monserrato at Porto Azzurro

15th of September: mass for the celebration of Saint Mamiliano at Marina di Campo, Saint Mamiliano church

Visitality suggest the most important churches and the places of worship in the district of Elba island.


Mercy Church

Mercy Church

It was built in 1677 and there are Saint Cristino (patron of Portoferraio) relics.

Blessed Sacrament Church

Blessed Sacrament Church

It is a 1568 church consecrated to Saint Mary of the Assumption and it is in Portoferraio city center.

Saint Stephen Church in Trane

Saint Stephen Church in Trane

Ancient Romanesque church in Portoferraio. It is consecrated and there are church services. 

The Church of San Defendente

The Church of San Defendente

The XVI century Church is located at the village of Poggio, municipality of Marciana.

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