Saint Stephen Church in Trane

This suggestive church is one of the most wonderful places of worship, and it is recommended to celebrate a wedding at Elba Island. Saint Stephen Church in Trane just before the Volterraio Castle in the town of Portoferraio. You can reach it going through the county road toward Magazzini and Bagnaia. At a certain point you have to take a narrower street on the right, entering a quiet and luxuriant countryside with secular olive trees and vineyards. The little church in Le Trane is on an upland and it’s called after the ancient community living there (Latrani).

From the church square you can enjoy the wonderful view of Portoferraio gulf and of Magazzini plain.

The church is consecrated to Saint Stephen and is perfectly preserved after the restoration. After a long period of state of neglect, today is the best example of Romanesque XII century church at Elba.

The structure is in regular rows of Albarese stone (the color goes from ivory to light brown and gray). It has one rectangular navy and the tympanum has a little cross window. This cross windows is also in the semicircular apsis. There is no trace of the original bell gable, probably destroyed by pirates between XV and XVI century. The most famous incursion is the one of the Barbarossa pirates.

The church façade has an unusual decoration compared to the others Romanesque churches at Elba. It has three blind round arcades lying on lesenes. These lesens are surmounted by a series of entablature. The shelfs on the doors, the apsis and the little windows are decorated with marble and sandstone low reliefs with flower, head and animal decorations.


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