Mercy Church

The Mercy church is in Portoferraio city center, on the rise Napoleone, going from the central square to the Villa dei Mulini. It is an important church in Portoferraio, built in 1677, while the confraternity dates back to the 1566. Its founder was Don Giovanni de’Medici, commissioner of the city for Pope Pious V.

The church has a sober façade, painted with tenuous colors going from the yellow to the sage. Inside it has rich Baroque decorations. The 1792 pipe organ is precious, like the Madonna with Baby (on the left of the Holy water) by Tino da Camaino, Giovanni Pisano’s apprentice. A big wooden royal crown remembers the transformation of the Mount Carmel church into the a theatre (Teatro dei vigilanti) thanks to Napoleon in 1814.

Inside the church there are the relics of Saint Cristino, the martyr patron of Portoferraio.

Near the church there is the little museum of the Napoleon antiques, with Napoleon funeral mask and bronze hand mold.

Since 1852, every year, the 5th of May, there is a celebration in honor of Napoleon. This tradition started thanks to Anatolio Demidoff, grandnephew of the Emperor. He donated the precious antiques and built Saint Martin museum, near Napoleon country house.
Museum of napoleonic relics

Museum of napoleonic relics

Small museum next to Chiesa della Misericordia in Portoferraio

Saint Cristino Church

Saint Cristino Church

Saint Cristino martyr is the patron of Portoferraio.

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