The bonito in oil

The Bonito used at Elba to make the preservations in oil are captured in the seawater of Elba Island, mainly in the area of ​​Cape Enfola, near Portoferraio. The Bonito is a fish that lends itself to many culinary preparations. The process of the Bonito in oil of Elbe is made by hand as by tradition by fishermen's families and in recent years it is possible to purchase it in the shops of local products, thanks to the idea had from Elba company that wanted to share with the tourist, this natural taste and unique. The fish passes by the laboratory vessels for processing phase until its accommodation in glass jars.

The operation begins with the cutting of the palamita, which is deprived of the head, tail and of its wombs. It is cut in big pieces, and boiled for almost three hours. It follows the knocking-fish slices and a second cleaning where the bones and skin will be removed. Obtained the threads are arranged in the glass jars; it bridges the vessel itself with sunflower oil and terminates processing with sterilization. A genuine and quality product nowadays available to the consumer.

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