Museum of napoleonic relics

The Museum of Napoleonic Relics is a small museum, located next to Chiesa della Misericordia, in Portoferraio, along the Napoleon uphill which starts from the old town centre and leads to Mulini Villa.

Inside the museum you will see vestiments, monstrance vases and holy goblets, the dying Napoleon’s important funeral bronze mask and the cast of his right hand. All of those relics were donated by prince Anatoli Demidov, Napoleon’s nephew, together with the Elba flag with three golden bees, originally created by Napoleon and given to Portoferraio town the day he officially arrived, on 4th May, 1814.

Information about the tour to the Museum of Napoleonic Relics

Opening Hours

Open all year round, on reservation


€ 1,00 

Location and Information

Napoleon’s uphill – Portoferraio town

Reverenda Confraternita della Misericordia
Tel.(+39) 0565.918785

Mercy Church

Mercy Church

It was built in 1677 and there are Saint Cristino (patron of Portoferraio) relics.

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