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Morcone Tourist information

The seaside resort of Morcone is situated on the Southern Coast, just below Capoliveri’s village, in a lovely little bay protected by the promontory that extends from the right of the beach. The resort is suitable for those who want to spend a quiet holiday in Elba, staying in rented apartments or residences.

Located about 2.5 km from the village of Capoliveri, Morcone can be reached by taking the well signed provincial road. For those who want to escape from stress, avoiding the car as much as possible on vacation, there is a shuttle bus service that connects Capoliveri’s village to Morcone and other nearby beaches.

Morcone’s beach is not very large, but it is well equipped and suitable for families with children. On the beach you can find the main tourist services, as umbrella’s rental or you can enjoy the beach’s free zone.

Beaches close to Morcone

Morcone’s beach is well equipped and suitable for families with children. Nearby you can visit the beaches of Pareti and Innamorata.

Morcone beach

Morcone beach

Beach suitable for families with children.
Features: sand and fine gravel.

Peducelli Beach

Peducelli Beach

Pebbly beach, free of services.
Features: uncrowded.

Madonna delle Grazie Beach

Madonna delle Grazie Beach

Small sandy and gravelly beach.
Features: caves in the nearby cliffs.

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