Peducelli Beach

Peducelli Beach Tourist information

Pebbly beach within the Municipality of Capoliveri

Features of Peducelli beach:
Length: 27 meters - Average width: 8 m
Exposed to: Southwestern winds -
Sheltered: winds from North to East
GD: 42.736582 - 10.368253
GMS Latitude: 42°44'11.695''N - Longitude: 10°22'5.711''E 

Description of Peducelli beach

Characterized by medium size pebbles, the small beach has no services, it is wild and frequented for snorkeling and diving.

Beach access to Peducelli

It is located in a low cliff which is difficult to reach by land, because badly signposted. Once on the road that leads to the most famous beach of Madonna delle Grazie, after about 1.5 km, continue along a dirt road that turns left near a residence just before the Shrine of Madonna delle Grazie. Unfortunately the beach does not offer parking spaces and it is accessible only by foot parking your car a bit far away.

Amenities available on this beach

Apartments nearby Apartments nearby Connected to Bus Connected to Bus Free beach Free beach
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