The Schiaccia with grapes

The Schiaccia with grapes is perhaps the most classic dessert of Tuscan rural culture but it finds difficult to match with territory wine except the Aleatico. The motivation is to be found in the tradition and custom approaching to this cake a product of rural civilization now almost disappeared, a must-wine, called "sweet wine".

Ingredients:  1 kg flour, 1 pinch salt, 5 g brewer's yeast, water, sugar, grapes, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary

Preparation: For the preparation of Schiaccia with grapes, for the first thing you have to prepare the pastry.
Knead the pastry made by water, flour, sugar, a pinch of salt and 5 g of brewer's yeast for 1 kg of flour. During the rising phase, in merger with the sugar you have to add Sangiovese and Aleatico grapes crushing it.

Roll out the pastry and rub over it the grapes, with some of its liquid remained, add some more extra virgin olive oil, previously warmed with rosemary to give it flavor. Bake for 20 minutes at 200°. Once it cooked, add the sugar and serve.

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