Sangiovese Elba wine, PDO

Sangiovese Elba red wine is PDO since 2011. It is produced with a minimum of 85% of Sangiovese grapes and a maximum of 15% of other authorized red grapes. The bunch and the grape are small. Sangiovese vineyard has a pruned-spur cordon-trained cultivation and the concentration of the cultivation is a minimum of 4000 vine stump per hectare and a maximum production of grapes of 80 quintals per hectare.

During the process of vinification the grapes are pressed and de-stemmed. The must , then, ferment around 7 days in contact with the skins. After this week there is the raking  of the free run wine and the crush of the skins processes. The wine, then, is leaved to age and to stabilize in steel or wooden casks till it is the moment of bottling it.

Gastronomic pairing: first courses with red sauce, fish soups and barbecued meat.
Color: ruby-red
Aroma: vinous, fine, distinctive
Flavor:  dry, harmonic
Alcohol by volume (minimum): 11.5%
Total acidity (minimum): 5 g/l
Dry extract content (minimum): 21 g/l
Serving temperature: 14o

Historical background

Sangiovese, or, more precisely, Sangioveto,  autochthon Elban biotype, take up around 60 hectares and it is the main component of Elba Red PDO and of Elba Rosé  PDO.

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