Gemini Islands

Gemini Islands are two little islands, located next to the Elba’s coast, at Promontorio di Capo Calamita height, in Capoliveri. Gemini Island are well-visible from the well-known Innamorata beach, from which it could be get by paddle boat or swmming.

Their bottom sea are one of the main diving place for sub, who love attend this beaches for its extraordinary marine biodiversity and for their beautiful rocks that that compose wonderfoul shapes with little caverns and natural archs. This is the habitat of damselfish (Anthias anthias) and in their bottom sea it is possible to abserve lobsters and gorgonians.

This bottom sea can give some beautiful surprises. For the fishing diving’s lovers too, thanks to certain fishes such as yellowfin tuna.
The place is popular enough during the tourist season, also by snorkeling’s lovers and there are often many ships. So it is important to be careful.

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