Capraia Island

Capraia is an island belonging to the Tuscan Archipelago which has a strong tourist vocation. Located in the Corsica Channel (a stretch of sea in between the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Sea), you can reach it only by ferry, through the daily connections from the port of Livorno. For anyone wishing a day trip starting from Elba, it is possible thanks to a sightseeing tour by boat which departs every Friday from Portoferraio at 9:30 and from Marciana Marina at 10:00, with return scheduled at 16:30 from the island of Capraia.

Capraia is a volcanic island born 9 million years ago and called first Aigylion by the Greeks, then modified in Capraia by the Romans because of the many wild goats (in italian capra) that inhabit the island.

Capraia is 8 km long from its northern cape Punta Teglia to the southern Punta dello Zenòbito and it is divided in the middle up to 1 km from the sea, by a chain of mountains which culminate in the highest peak of the island, Mount Castello at 445 meters above sea level . The western coast is high and rocky, almost inaccessible, with the presence of beautiful wild coves.

Nowadays Capraia Island, which until 1986 was occupied for one third of its area by an agricultural penal colony, lives mainly on tourism and it is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park which protects the precious natural environment, its flora and fauna.

The sea around Capraia is a protected marine area and after the establishment of the Park in 1996, the trails of the island started to receive care and the old prison buildings located in the town got restored.

The small harbour of Capraia is located in the gulf between the capes of the Porto Vecchio and Punta del Ferraione on the northeast coast. Next to the ferry's mooring there are the marina and the fishing quay, near which arose the small harbour settlement consisting nowadays by small houses and properties with Bars and Restaurants.

In the renovated Edificio della Salata, the factory where once the prisoners were salting anchovies, there is the Park's info point (Casa del Parco) and welcome center for visitors. Standing alone at the end of a narrow row of houses, appears the church of Assunta (the Assumption) built in Romanesque style between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The current appearance dates back to 1700, when the building took the role of "fortress" church with high and narrow openings to protect the inhabitants threatened by Saracen raids. The Church is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, protectress of sailors and the building houses some interesting votive relics (presents to the Lord).  

Province: Livorno
Area code: 0586
Coastline: 28.2 km
Area: 19.33 km²
Municipality: Capraia
Maximum Altitude: 445 meters Monte Castello
Position: Latitude 43 ° 44'34 '' North - Longitude 10 ° 58'37 '' East
Distance from Elba: 18.10 nautical miles
Distance from the Port of Livorno: 34.55 nautical miles
Distance from Corsica: 16.73 nautical miles
Distance from Gorgona: 19.97 nautical miles


The Sagra del Totano (squid feast), is one of the most anticipated event of the year, which takes place in autumn and consists of a squid fishing contest with two categories of participants: onshore and on sea. After the contest, the celebration takes place in the harbour of Capraia with a delicious food festival.
Info (+39) 0586.905025

The Feast of the Assumption celebrates the patron saint on the night of August 15. The tradition is to carry in procession the golden statue of the Madonna over the waters of the gulf, which usually kept in the church of Assumption located in the village.


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