The Mines of Rio Albano

The Mines of Rio Albano were already exploited by the Etruscans for the abundance of its iron. For the fear of pirate raids, at that time the villages were built far from the sea and preferably up hills to provide greater security to their inhabitants.

The first settlements of the most recent village of Rio Marina, which soon became the nearest point of access to the sea for the transportation of extracted minerals, date back to the fifteenth century. In these years were built the Watchtower, the oratory of San Rocco and some service buildings. Then more recently with the progressive intensification of mining exploitation in that area, the Bureau of the Mines was built and port activities developed.

The mining areas of Rio were two: the mines of Rio that are north-west of the village of Rio Marina and the mines of Rio Albano located about 10 kilometers to the north along the coast halfway between Rio Marina and the tourist fraction of Cavo.

The mining area of ​​Rio Albano, includes the sites of Fornacelle, Monte Calendozio, Venice, Puppaio and Pistello, while further south on the northern base of Mount Giove there is the site Le Conche, which was active from 1940 to 1968, where the mining operation was mainly open air.

Today, by visiting the site of Le Conche it is possible to admire the spectacular red pond, which is formed by rainwater that settled in the old mining sites and that turned into these intense and evocative colors for the high concentration of oxide coming from the minerals in the area.

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