Sailing holiday - Multisport

Below we’ll describe an eight days sailing boat cruise sailing through Tuscan archipelago islands, stopping in some of the most beautiful and evocative places where you could explore, do trekking, kayaking along the coast, riding a mountain bike and snorkeling between crystal clear waters.

These kind of multi sport cruises usually require 50 feet boats with comfortable bunks with toilette and shower, with a separate area for the crew , skipper and tourist guide always on board. During the multi sport cruise sea kayaks, mountain bikes and snorkeling equipments are on board.

The cruise is recommended for groups up to 8 people and it can be also book individually. During the sailing 8 days holiday a skipper will be on board, there will be the chance to go for guided tours, to kayaking, to use a mountain bike and the return ticket to Elba and several minibus trips are included.

The cruise starts from Elba island and the program can be customized according to weather and wind conditions and to customers’ needs.

You’ll find a description of a standard multi sport cruise below.
Diary of a multisport cruise

Diary of a multisport cruise

Diary of a multi-sport sailing cruise through Tuscan archipelago waters.


Diary of a multi-sport cruise between Elba and Tuscan archipelago waters.

Day 1

Elba island: Marina di Campo / Montecristo Island/ Giglio Island’s Castle

8.30 am....

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