Saint Michael Parish Church

You can reach Saint Michael parish church going through the county road from Mola to Capoliveri. At a certain point, you have to turn left, where a narrower road will take you to ancient parish church. It is completely surrounded by nature at 114 meters of altitude.

It dates back to the early XII century, in the Pisan period, and it is the only architecture in Capoliveri of this historical period. It is said that it received Pope Gregory XI, who celebrated the mass the 7th of November 1376. He was coming back from his trip to Avignon and his ship had to dock because of the rough sea.

The position, even if near to the town, is too much isolated, and it was subject of the Saracen pirate incursions. So it was abandoned very soon. We still have the Romanesque apsis decorated with two Lombard band. They are divided by pilaster after the huge damage that the church had after the incursion of Hayreddin Barbarossa pirates in 1553.

Today the parish church is a sacred place where you can celebrate an intimate wedding at Elba, surrounded by nature.

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