Parish Church of San Lorenzo

The ancient parish Church of san Lorenzo is placed at the valley, under the village of Poggio and it can be reached walking on a dirt track, that issues on the rights the provincial street toward Marciana.

The parish Church of san Lorenzo was built by Pisa people in the XII century and has got a facade, on the other hand, is very straight, and the main door, with the typical Greek cross opening, has a bare gable, and a round arch that supports the lintel.

Its planimetry reminds the prefects of the First council of Nicea (325), where the semicircular apse pointed toward Gerusalemme, such as the east side, in order to enlight the whole inside of the holy building at June 21, the day of the summer solstice. The inside and outside walls cladding is realized through row of granite grafts, that have a decreasing size in height, and the space between walls cladding is filled by melting pot of little-sized stones, called pabbles, pieces of stones and lime. From the inside it’s could be seen a little convergence that seems to link the two side walls of the Church to the altar.

At the pick of the facade the Church has got two pillars, the ruines of the imposing bell gable, concerned as the typical romanesque style. The parish Church formerly had some frescos and covered by a wood truss. It was enlighted thanks to three tight MONOFERE and by two cross breach, under the imposing bell gable and above the apse basin.

In 1511 obtained the title of abbey and in august 1553 was abandoned after the raid and distruction made by the pirates of Turkey, that joined forces with the French people, n the war against the Hapsburg and Charles V.

The Church has been dedicated to San Lorenzo, who died as a martyr during the persecutions on behalf of Emperor Valeriano around the III century AD, this is the reason why many believers celebrate this saint on August 10th, saying the shooting stars are his tears.
There are many stylistic and structual similarities with the parish church of San Giovanni in Campo.



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