Museo Archeologico della Linguella

The Linguella Civic and Archeological Museum is located inside the Medici Fortress of Linguella in Portoferraio, more specifically, inside the ancient salt storage rooms; this small but important museum was opened in 1988 and houses relevant Etruscan and Roman archeological relics dated back to a thirteen centuries period, from VIII century b.C. to V century a.D. .
Some precious relics come from the ships sunk in the Tuscan Archipelago, showing how important Elba used to be in the Mediterranean commercial trade.

While visiting the museum, you will see amphoras wepons, vases, Etruscan and Roman amphoras and tools. Important relics were discovered in the ancient Linguella Roman villas, Villa Capo Pero e Villa delle Grotte, among others there is Attiano’s granite altar from II century a.D. .

Next to the museum there is Linguella Archeological Site, where you can see the foundations and floorings from an ancient Roman villa from I century b.C. .

-Ancient Trade Amphoras (end of VIII century a.C. – V century b.C.)

- Santa Lucia’s closet (VIII century b.C. - VII century b.C.)

- Procchio, Monte Castello (second half V century b.C. - mid II century b.C.)

- San Martino, Castiglione (second half V century b.C. - mid II century b.C.) 

- Montecristo wreck (first half III century b.C.)
- S. Andrea wreck B(second half II century b.C.) 

- S. Andrea wreck A (mid I century b.C.)
- Capoliveri Necropolis (end III century b.C. - I century b.C.)

- Attiano’s Altar (II century a.D.) 
- Roman Villa delle Grotte (I century b.C. - I century a.D.)

- Anchors and naval tools

Information about Museum and Opening Hours

Opening Hours

from 30nd March  at 4th November:



€ 7,00 Full price - € 5,00 Discount - 

* It includes Civic and Archeological Museum (and the archeological site outside Linguella) + Vigilanti theater 

* Groups of Students (free entrance for teachers and leaders)

Goups of more than 20 people (free entrance for leaders and guides)

Location and How to get here

Calata Buccari, Portoferraio

Walk from the far end of Portoferraio Harbour along the Calata Medicea up to the Linguella Torre Ottagonale (Octagonal Tower).
The Museum entrance is to the left, after entering a small gate inside the Medici Fortress.

Linguella villa

Linguella villa

Remains of an ancient Roman villa stood between the I century BC and the III century AD at the entrance to the port of Portoferraio.

Linguella Tower

Linguella Tower

Also known as a Martello Tower is recognizable for its octagonal shape that dominates the entrance to the port of Portoferraio.

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