The Scoglietto

News/curiosities and information on Scoglietto’s underwater pathway at Porteferraio


Lo Scoglietto is a little island, on which there is a lighthouse and is located in front of the Ghiaie beaches just outside the Portoferraio’s harbour. Known as the underwater paradise of the Tirreno sea, it is a marine biological protection area since 1971, and this safeguard allowed the development of an extraordinary marine environment representative of different Mediterranean ecotypes.

The bottom is manly rocky and it starts from a depth that runs from 5 meters to 40. During the descent you can admire an inexhaustible treasure of marine biology varieties size of benthic and pelagic life, that thanks to the continuous natural cycle of water given by currents, found a very favorable environment.

The most beautiful places are featured/characterised by caves and ravines that lyng along the cliff, offering refugee to many fish, including large groupers. The town of Portoferraio put two red buoys with white transverse stripe, to reserve mooring of divers’s boats. They marl the sea’s border for the two diver paths, the first to the west and the second one to the east.

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