Mines of Calamita

The Monte Calamita  is found in the municipality of Capoliveri from where it dominates the Costa dei Gabbiani on the south-east side of the island of Elba. The name "Calamita" is due to the presence of the magnetite, an iron mineral the zone is rich with. Moreover it has been extracted in this place since ancient times. After the closing of the extractive activities, today the Gallery of the Ginevro has been reopened the public and it can be visited with a guided tour with expert guides.
The mine of the Ginevro is the only underground mine of Elba: during the visit of this mine, you will be able to admire the tools used during the working of the miners as well as the old mining stations.

During the visit you will be able to admire also the Museum of the Old Workshop, situated about ten meters over the yard of the Vallone. Inside the museum of the mine, a rich photographic gallery was prepared, which gathers informations and illustrates the history of the mine and the miners, (the little man of the vein), from the first yards at the beginning of the past century, until the last interventions carried out before its closing.
During the visit to the Museum of the Old Workshop, you will be able to visit the atmospheres of the miners, like the dressing rooms, the offices, the infirmary and a fully equipped workshop.

On the external square in front of the museum numerous mechanical means and work tools are situated, which document the intense extractive activity of the mine. The museum of the Old Workshop is opened to the public from 15th June to 15th October from 9:30 to 12:30.

During the excursion to the Magnet Mines, you will discover the fascination of the mine of the Ginevro, where you will have the opportunity to enter in the heart of the mine, which crosses the vein of the mountain thanks to the gallery basement. Here you will be able to explore the chasms dug inside the mine. The guided visit generally moves also to the Yard of the Vallone, a natural amphitheater dug in the mountain of Calamita, from which you will be able to observe the mine developed towards the sea and the yards situated on the mountain side.

You can access the museums through guided visits with obligatory reservation.

  • Visit to mine + museum + beaches: 18,00 € - reduced 10,00€ (from the 4 to the 12 years).
  • Visit to mine + museum: 15,00 € - reduced 10,00€ (from 4 to 12 years).
  • Visit to museum + beaches 5,00€ - reduced 3,00€ (from 4 to 12 years).

Information to visit the mines of Calamita

Via Palestro, Capoliveri

Tel. (+39) 0565.935492

Mobile. (+39) 393.9059583

Web. minieredicalamita.it

How to reach the mines of Calamita

The mines of Punta Calamita can be reached covering the dirt road of the Costa dei Gabbiani, which leads to the farm of the Ripalti. After approximately 2 km on the right of the roadway, you can see a barrier, where a panoramic narrow lane dipped in the Mediterranean spot comes down in direction of the sea towards the abandoned yards of the mine.

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