Aquarium of Elba

The Marine Aquarium of the Elba Island today is sure among the most complete Mediterranean marine acquariums thanks to both its dimensions and above all for the variety of accomodated species. On a surface entirely covered of approximately 1.000 square meters, currently they are in function 80 bathtubs for more than 250,000 liters of water. 

Built completely on one's own, without any kind public contribution, introduces some very original solutions both from the architectonic point of view and in the realization of the bathtubs which have been prepared with natural and craft materials, trying to reproduce the marine habitats of the various organisms which live there.

The accurate poster designing translated in multilanguage, despite respecting rigorous regulations of scientific nature, is structured in accessible way also to the neophyte, concurring therefore an easy consultation.

The aquarium accommodates to its inside more than 150 different species of Mediterranean marine organisms, some of which very rare or difficult to manage to observe in captivity. The several species have been inserted within the aquarium as a result of rescues by private people and fishermen during the fish hunt or however after certifying their death.    

Among the Mediterranean species accommodated in the bathtubs we signal:

• Fish: all the main coastal species are visible, various pelagic species and some by depth

• Crustaceans: from the lobsters to the most disparate varieties of prawns, crabs and cicadas

• Shellfish: from the “little cousins” of the mythical Polpo Paul, which left from here for its fortunate career of fortune teller, to the trito one, the greatest existing “snail” in our seas,        
passing for a great variety of shells, whether enormous or microscopical

• Echinoderms: or better sea urchins, marine stars and holothurians.

The crown jewel of the Aquarium is the presence, among its hosts, of some dolphinfish, large pelagic fish which, as far as we know, are not observable in any other aquariums.

So, all the lovers of the nature and the sea have the possibility to learn to recognize, to appreciate and protect the countless shapes of life which are met swimming with a simple mask in the waters of the Elba Island, and also the most expert scuba drivers often remain astonished in observing rare animals or little visible ones which usually populate the Mare Nostrum.

The Aquarius of Elba is constantly engaged also regarding the environmental conservation and education and it works with the forest rangers, the Harbor Master's Office and the enviromentalist associations for the recovery and the protection of the marine turtles, often accommodated in the bathtubs after accidental capture or beaching. We take care of the specimens in difficulty, which are being rehabilitated and generally set free again after a period of recovery. When it is not possible to free them, as in the case of an old and nearly blind turtle caretta caretta, the animals remain appreciated hosts to swim in the great bathtubs of the Aquarius without being bothered.


In order to reach the Aquarium of the Elba Island, it is necessary to individuate the Hotel Marina 2, situated to approximately 2 km from the town of Marina di Campo in the south-western side of the Elba Island. On the opposite side of the gulf compared to Marina di Campo, you can reach it on the provincial road of Via del Monumento, which leads in Lacona direction from the roundabout. To approximately 1 km from the roundabout, after passing the bridge of the La Foce locality, go on for approximately 300 meters and to the crossing turn right following the indications for the aquarium and the Hotel Marina 2 which are from this point approximately 100 metres far. 


The Aquarium of Elba is opened from April to the early November and can be visited every day at the following hours:

• From March to the end of May and from the 16th September to 4th November from 9.00 to 19.00 all day.

• From 1st June to 15th September from 9.00 to 23.30 all day.

Tel. (+39) 0565.977885 -


€ 7,00 adults, € 3,00 children from 3 to 10 years.

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