Cala Seregola

Cala Seregola Tourist information

Dark sandy and shiny beach within the Municipality of Rio Marina

Features of Cala Seregola beach
Length: 190 meters - Average width: 65 m
Exposed to: winds coming from South to Southeast 
Sheltered to: winds from the Northwestern quadrant
GD: 42.842091 - 10.441630
GMS Latitude: 42°50'31.529''N - Longitude: 10°26'29.869''E 

Description of Cala Seregola beach

This is a very wide beach that is born in the heart of the mining district of Rio Marina in the Costa che Brilla (Shining Coast). The remains of mining activities are visible on the coast but also in the sea, where there is an old loading dock. From the beach the view opens directly on the isle of Palmaiola, with the islet of Cerboli that stands just beyond, and on clear days you can even see the stretch of coast from Piombino to the island of Giglio. The beach is quite busy during summer and it offers you a bar where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds.

To the left of the parking lot, located behind this charming beach, a trail, that crosses two small rocky bumps, leads to two tiny beaches, composed mainly of medium to large rocks, which in some places allow you to lie in the sun.

Access to the beach of Cala Seregola

Along the road that leads from Rio Marina to Cavo, about halfway, there is a minor dirt road marked by road signs, which, in a few hundred meters, leads you to a large car park, located behind the popular and fascinating cove. The special feature of this beach is that it is within the ancient mining area, as marked by the old mining signs along the road and the remains of the warehouses which was one of the most important of Italy.

Amenities available on this beach

Beach sand mixed with gravel Beach sand mixed with gravel Equipped beach Equipped beach Free beach Free beach
Parking Parking Suitable for Children Suitable for Children Visited medium Visited medium

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