The Sea

The temperature of the sea of Elba are pretty mild also during winter. First baths of the season are generally done in the warmest and sunlighted stretch of the Elban coast which is Costa del Sole.

 If the days in spring are nice and warm, first dives can be already done in Cavoli or Fetovaia from Easter and conclude at the end of October and sometimes until November. The warmest sea is indeed during July and August with the waters reaching the temperature of 25 ° C, while annual average temperature is about 19,3°C. However for those who want to dive into the sea even during winter and practice underwater fishing, windsurf, surf and kite surf it is necessary to wear diving suit.

Average temperatures of the sea in Elba expressed in (degrees Centigrade)

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Year
Temperature of the sea  16 15 15 17 19 21 24 25 24 21 18 16 19,3


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