Elba offers the chance to spend a sports day playing golf in one of its wonderful courses.  The main golf course of the island of Elba is a great nine holes in Acquabona , you’ll find it on the county road that goes from Portoferraio to Porto Azzurro- Capoliveri. You don’t need membership to enter the club , so even tourists can play all year round.

The second golf course it’s behind the famous Hotel Hermitage in Biodola, with a breathtaking view on the beautiful bay. The Golf Club Hermitage is open from april to October and it’s a nine hole course approved by CONI with PAR 3 hole apart from one PAR 4 hole.

Golf  Club Acquabona

The golf course of Golf Club Acquabona is a medium –high level difficulty course placed in a green park with shadowy eucalyptus , pinasters and holm woods. The golf course is developed along a hill route surrounded by the wonderful nature that only the island of Elba can offer.

The route is made of nine holes with double startings and it’s 5.144 mt with a par of 68. Some of the most interesting holes are number 2, a downhill par 3 of 197 mt with wind often blowing across. The out runs on the right till 40 metres from the green and in the back, consisting of the county road. Four bunkers are ready to stop low and topped balls. Hole number 8 is also a challenging one with an uphill dog leg to the right and sometimes upwind, with the out on the right side and three rows of eucalyptus that don’t allow to retrieve shots out of size.  The green is slightly sloping , relatively narrow, protected by three huge bunkers on the back. There’s a fourth bunker on the right of the green: a shot that hits its right edge is very penalizing for the player because there’s the risk to go out.

Playing golf at Elba is the perfect way to spend a day outdoor. The mild climate allows to play golf all year round in an environment full of nice fragrances, where the silence is broken only by birds singing in the golf club.

The view from the Acquabona golf course reaches the gulfs with a view that includes a good amount of the hinterland of Elba in a charming setting where golf is at the same time interesting and challenging.

Golf Club Hermitage

The golf course is developed at the back of the famous 5 stars Hotel Hermitage in Biodola. From the golf course, surrounded by lush and luscious green, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Biodola bay and of the nearby sea towns of Scaglieri and Forno.  The golf course offers 9 holes PAR 3 apart one hole PAR 4, all approved by CONI. Here you can play nice games among the evocative paths and differences in level among the golf course hills.

There’s also a practice course available, with an artificial lake, where you can take lessons with professional instructors and rent golf bags and golf carts.


Elba Golf Club Acquabona: località Acquabona - Portoferraio ph. (+39) 0565.940066  

Golf Club Hermitage: località  Biodola - Portoferraio ph. (+39) 0565.936911



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