Portoferraio Duomo

Portoferraio Duomo is consecrated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary and it was built thanks to Cosimo I de’ Medici in 1549. In the same year started also the construction of the Medici walls.

The Duomo is in Piazza della Repubblica, in the city center of Portoferraio, and it was consecrated in 1554. Initially it had one navy, but then it was enlarged and modified more than once from the XVII century. A first enlargement was in 1623, a second in 1700 and a third in 1950.

In 1566 it was founded the Confraternity of Reverend Mercy and the 4th of May 1814 was celebrated the Te Deum. With this ceremony Napoleon, exiled in Elba Island, became the sovereign of the island.

Under the French domain the Opera della Chiesa Parrochiale was founded (its first president was Giuseppe Ninci) and on that occasion the precious marble major altar was taken there. Originally it was in Mount Carmin church, built in 1616 and then deconsecrated and transformed into a theatre by Napoleon.

Inside, the Duomo preserve a precious visitation of Domenico Cresti and on the altar it is possible to admire a XVI century wooden crucifix.

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