Saint Ilario Church

Saint Ilario church is a religious building, probably of the XII century, in the historical center of the suburb of Sant’Ilario, municipality of Campo dell’Elba. To reach the church you have to go through a rise granitic street from Saint Ilario spring square.

It seems that this church was built by the Appiani. They built the church into the walls of an old castle, which guaranteed the safety of the population.

The church has a Baroque façade and it has a particular bell tower with a pentagonal basis (before it was a sighting tower).

At the beginning the church had just one nave, but in the XVII century 2 more were added. In the seventeenth century an altar consecrated to the Madonna of seven pains was realized. In the 1874 Maria’s heart chapel was built, with a wooden statue by Antonio Rossi.

The newest frescos of the church are made by Eugenio Allori, a local artist.


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