Galleass of dockyard

The historic dockyard of galleasses is located in the historic centre of Portoferraio and it can be reached from Piazza Cavour near the Sea door along the road on the right.

It was Cosimo de 'Medici who wanted it, the dockyard was designed to build and repair the galleys of the Order of the Knights of Santo Stefano, which was founded on March 15th 1561 and had the task of defending the Mediterranean Sea against the Saracens.

Currently remain only the pointed arches of the original building over the aqueduct supported by arches and located on the back of the dockyard. The defensive walls in front of the dockyard were expressly built to a thickness less than the rest of the fortifications in order to allow its rapid destruction and reconstruction at the time of the launching boats.

Today the ancient dockyard hosts the covered indoor market of Portoferraio, born after the Second World War, where inside there are various kinds and grocery stores.


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