Events in Capoliveri

Throughout the year Capoliveri organizes many events, some of these are now part of a tradition rich in history and popular culture; if you are closeby, we strongly recommend to not miss those appointments, as summer concerts, which take place in Piazza Matteotti, which in the past was the site of the Festival Bar conducted by Fiorello and Alessia Marcuzzi and that in 2015 hosted the band I Volo, winners of the Festival of San Remo in 2014.

Very beautiful are also food and wine events as well as those historical and cultural. The Game Feast created by the section Arcicaccia and some Restaurateurs of Capoliveri is held every February and it brings together lovers of wild flavors in a day of celebration where expert Chefs prepare the recipes with wild Elba meat trying to get the best taste between the Elba extra virgin olive oils and the wines of the island.

Another noteworthy event is the Festival of Cavatore (Festival of the Miner), activity which marked the people of Capoliveri throughout the centuries. A hard work that has been abandoned due to the advent of tourism, but still remembered in this celebration of the ancestor's efforts.

In summer it is very popular the traditional Blue Night in Capoliveri and the renowned Festival of Innamorata.

The calendar of Capoliveri ends the first week of October with the Grape Festival (Festa dell'Uva), an event that brings the population together to decorate the neighborhoods in a given historical theme. The winners of the contest get awarded with the Bacchus,which is held for the whole year in the Winner District. The Grape festival is perhaps the most popular event in town, which unifies the village several days before the awaited event for its preparation.

Noteworthy among the sporting events in Capoliveri, it is the Legend Cup cycling race, which takes place every year in May on the track that crosses the Elba Bike Park in Costa dei Gabbiani.

Calendar of major events in Capoliveri:

Cavatore Festival

Cavatore Festival

On the Sunday before Pentecost the feast of Cavatore takes place in Capoliveri.

Legend of Innamorata

Legend of Innamorata

Every year on July 14 the Legend of Innamorata is celebrated in Capoliveri.


Grape Festival

Grape Festival

The Grape Festival of Elba Island is held every year on the first Sunday of October in Capoliveri .

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