Fishing events

There are many events related to the sport of fishing during almost the entire year in Elba Island: from apnea, surfcasting to the challenges at Big Game fishing organized with friends. Please note that the dates of the events, listed below, are indicative: therefore we recommend you to always compare the event concerned, the date and the performance with individual organizers.

  • April: fishing surf casting - event of the Italian Cup
  • April: selective fishing surf casting with rod shore
  • May: fishing surfcasting championship north excellence
  • May: fishing contest for the deaf
  • May: spearfishing cup Teseo Tesei
  • July: fishing expeditions - Procchio - ANS The Guardiola
  • August: fishing expeditions - Procchio - ANS The Guardiola
  • August: tuna fishing - Marciana Marina CVMM
  • August: trophy R. Volonterio - Marciana Marina - CVMM
  • September: Troll fishing - trophy I. Paolini - Procchio - ANS Guardiola
  • November: spearfishing - cup Teseo Tesei
  • November: surf casting fishing - trophy Tuscania

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