Spiaggia di Barabarca

Spiaggia di Barabarca Tourist information

Small sandy beach in the Municipality of Capoliveri

Features of Barabarca beach:
Length: 130 meters - Average width: 15 m
Exposed: winds from Southwest to South - Sheltered: winds from the northern quadrant
GD: 42.748343 - 10.360895
GMS Latitude: 42°44'54.037''N - Longitude: 10°21'39.225''E

Description of Barabarca beach

The beach is beautiful and wild-looking, closed by a small bay characterized by rocks covered by a thick Mediterranean vegetation that borders the sea in some places. The beach is composed of medium-grained sand and pebbles, sometimes mixed with seaweeds. Very beautiful is the sea and its seabed where you find a rich and lush submarine life, that's why we suggest you to take a swim equipped with flippers and mask to immerse yourself in this unspoiled underwater world. On the beach there is a small bar which also offers canoes and paddleboats rentals. The cliff that rises to the right of the beach is often frequented by nudists.

Access to Barabarca beach

Located on the eastern end of Gulf Stella, you can reach the beach by following the signs to the beaches of Zuccale and Barabarca, that you will find 1 km before reaching the village of Capoliveri. There by a small chapel with the Virgin Mary, a road turns right which will lead you to a large dirt free parking lot. From here continue along a short path in the final descend ladders formed in the ground until the Barabarca beach.

Amenities available on this beach

Apartments nearby Apartments nearby Bar Bar Beach sand mixed with gravel Beach sand mixed with gravel
Free beach Free beach Parking Parking Rocks Rocks
Snorkeling Snorkeling Visited medium Visited medium

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