Sottobomba beach

Sottobomba beach

Sottobomba beach Tourist information

Pebbly beach within the Municipality of Portoferraio

Features of Sottobomba beach:
Length: 190 meters - Average width: 7 m
Exposed to: winds from North to Northeast  
Sheltered to: winds from the Southern quadrant
GD: 42.81899 - 10.307043
GMS Latitude: 42 ° 49'8.364''N - Longitude: 10 ° 18'25.354''E 

Description of Sottobomba Beach

The beach of Sottobomba is formed by a long and narrow strip composed of white gravels and pebbles. The shore is pristine and wild-looking, very beautiful and with similar characteristics to the nearby beaches of Sansone, Sorgente and Capobianco, but it is completely devoid of services. The waters of Sottobomba have a unique color tone, especially during the days of sirocco, which makes this coastline very nice and suitable for snorkeling.

Access to Sottobomba Beach

To reach the beach from Portoferraio you have to take the road that leads to Enfola. By the sign for Capobianco turn right and follow for about 500 meters, where a sign on the right indicates the beach. Park there and take a narrow path through the vegetation that ends with a hundred steps up to the wonderful beach of Sottobomba.

Amenities available on this beach

Apartments nearby Apartments nearby Free beach Free beach Hotels nearby Hotels nearby
Limited Parking Limited Parking Pebble beach Pebble beach Residence near Residence near
Snorkeling Snorkeling Visited medium Visited medium

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