Cala dei Frati beach

Cala dei Frati beach Tourist information

Cove with pebbly shore within the Municipality of Portoferraio

Features of Cala dei Frati beach
Length: 100 meters - Average width: 5 m
Exposed to: winds from Southwest to North  
Sheltered to: Southeastern winds
GD: 42.817872 - 10.319614
GMS Latitude: 42 ° 49'4.34''N - Longitude: 10 ° 19'10.61''E 

Description of Cala dei Frati beach

This spot is a small white pebbly beach without services and wild-looking. Located near the town of Portoferraio and the major beach of Le Ghiaie, this small cove is not very popular because you can reach it only by boat or by walking and swimming from the neighboring beach of Le Ghiaie, therefore suitable for those who want extra peace of mind.

Access to the beach of Cala dei Frati

The beach is accessible only by sea, since there is no access by land except by private homes. The shore is separated from Le Ghiaie beach by a small rocky headland, so you can reach it by swimming or by walking a little through the water from the northwest side of Le Ghiaie.

Amenities available on this beach

Apartments nearby Apartments nearby Free beach Free beach Hotels nearby Hotels nearby
Not accessible by car Not accessible by car Pebble beach Pebble beach Residence near Residence near
Unfrequented Unfrequented

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