Pianotta beach

Pianotta beach

Pianotta beach Tourist information

Small pebbly beach in the Municipality of Porto Azzurro

Features of La PIanotta beach
Length: 60 meters - Average width: 7 m
Exposed to: Easterlies 
Sheltered to: the strong westerly winds
GS: 42.763637 - 10.399201
GMS Latitude: 42 ° 45'49.095''N - Longitude: 10 ° 23'57.122''E

Description of La Pianotta beach

La Pianotta is, together with La Rossa, one of the two beaches in Porto Azzurro. Its shore is characterized by fine gravel with large stones on the sides, also suitable for sunbathing. This small beach is located at the end of Porto Azzurro's promenade, just behind the pier and in walking distance. The beach has free access to swimming and has no beach service on it, but the proximity to the village gives you any kind of service.

Access to La Pianotta beach

The beach is within walking distance from the main square of Porto Azzurro, along the seafront up to the pier, behind which lies the lovely beach.

Amenities available on this beach

Apartments nearby Apartments nearby Bar Bar Connected to Bus Connected to Bus
Crowded in the season Crowded in the season Free beach Free beach Hotels nearby Hotels nearby
Limited Parking Limited Parking Pebble beach Pebble beach Residence near Residence near
Restaurants Restaurants Rocks Rocks Snacks Snacks
Suitable for Children Suitable for Children Toilet Toilet

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