Spartaia beach

Spartaia beach

Spartaia beach Tourist information

Sandy beach of the Municipality of Marciana

Features of Spartaia beach:

Length: 200 meters - Average width: 15 m
Exposed: winds from North to North-East
Sheltered: from Southern winds
GD: 42.787405 - 10.236965
GMS Latitude: 42°47'14.657''N
Longitude: 10°14'13.072''E 

Description Spartaia beach

Spartaia beach is very beautiful and is characterized by fine and clear sand. The beach is partly occupied by beach club of the nearby hotels and by a rental that offers the possibility to rent sun beds and umbrellas for a comfortable day at the beach. The rest of the beach is free to access and is ideal both for people with disabilities and families with children as you can access to the beach with strollers or wheelchairs. The seabed gently descends to the sea and offers shallow water in the first section, where you can teach your children to swim.
On the beach there are bars and paddle boats rentals thanks to which you can discover other beautiful coves nearby as that of Paolina in about 10 minutes.

Access to Spartaia beach

Coming from Procchio towards Marciana Marina, at about 500 meters from the village, there is a detour on the right indicating Spartaia, go down the narrow one-way driveway and find a toll parking. A comfortable pedestrian access will take you to the beach of Spartaia after about 100 meters.

Foto by Spartaia beach

Amenities available on this beach

Apartments nearby Apartments nearby Bar Bar Crowded in the season Crowded in the season
Disabled Disabled Equipped beach Equipped beach Free beach Free beach
Hotels nearby Hotels nearby Parking Parking Sandy beach Sandy beach
Snacks Snacks Suitable for Children Suitable for Children Suited to Kayaking Suited to Kayaking
Toilet Toilet Watersports Watersports

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