Cala del Pisciatoio

Cala del Pisciatoio Tourist information

Sandy, gravelly and seaweedy beach within the Municipality of Rio Marina

Features of Pisciatoio Beach
Length: 30 meters - Average width: 5 m
Exposed to: winds from West to North  
Sheltered to: Southern winds
GD: 42.860692 - 10.404194
GMS Latitude: 42°51'38.495''N - Longitude: 10°24'15.101''E

Description of Pisciatoio beach

The beach of Pisciatoio is located inside a small bay (Cala), which is characterized by a gravelly and sandy shore together with stones and stranded seaweed. The beach is completely wild and very exposed to the open sea, which, depending on the sea currents, returns on the beach accumulations of algae.

Access to the beach of Pisciatoio

Starting from the closest and most popular beach of Cala Mandriola, you have to take a narrow road running through an oak wood, reported in cartography with the # 60. Along the left side of it, one unmarked narrow path leads you to the cove.


Amenities available on this beach

Farmhouse near Farmhouse near Free beach Free beach Not accessible by car Not accessible by car
Pebble beach Pebble beach Unfrequented Unfrequented

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