Luca Polesi

Polesi deals with difficult things. Overthinking and interpreting are the most recurring actions he represents and creates in his astonishing works. The debris or the metal itself do not make any difference, because in the product you can feel the synthesis between sense and creative outburst, which both involve the audience in the never-ending possible worlds of reality and fantasy.

Entering Polesi’s laboratori means to get to one of those XVIII century Wunderkammern, where aristocrats and intellectuals loved to collect, with care and attention, curiosities, precious items and exotic rarities. At first, the visitor is astonished and surprised, but then he makes an effort to recognize and identify the subjects and the elements they stand for.

However, in the whirl of thoughts, in the steady stream of the creative intentions, the “Volcano” from San Piero nell’Elba ideally matches with all of the masters of art who came before him, thousands years before.

Roberto Russo - Art Critic

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