Mount Perone

Mount Perone is the easternmost top of the Mount Capanne Chain and measures 630 metres above sea level. Once you reach the top you will see the beautiful view over the Gulf of Marina di Campo and the countryside behind.
The name of the mount was attested for the first time in 1632 as Perone sierra and it is characterized by ophiolitic rocks.

The top is equipped with stop areas for picnics, where you can relax in the shade of the largest pine forest of Elba, implanted in 1950 with the money from cassa per il mezzogiorno (Funds for the South). In the past, the valley was characterized by fields where shepherds grazed their animals; this is witnessed by to the presence of Cote dei Cavalli (Horses Court) and by the natural enclosure called Acchiappacavalli.

Near the top there is an ancient mine 38 metres long, which probably dates back to the Etruscan time; it was reactivated in between 1925 and 1928 to extract limonite, chalcopyrite and oxides of iron. In the valley located west of Mount Perone, there is Buca della Neve,documented since 1820. This is an ancient cold storage pit (neviera) where snow was collected and pressed until it became ice.

In 1976 the municipality of Marciana, introduced some specimens of mouflon, which over the years have mushroomed and are unfortunately today the cause of many damages together with boars. The mountain hosts the beetle (Troglorhynchus giusti), a native species.

For those who want to reach the top of Mount Perone they can do it by taking the road from Poggio that crosses uphill the Mount on the northern side of the island which is characterized by ancient chestnut trees. Else you can reach the top of Mount Perone by taking the road from Marina di Campo.
The latter is considered the uphill par excellence by cyclists who enjoy climbing the peak passing through the villages of San Piero or Sant'Ilario and continue their hard pedaling: the trail reaches an average gradient of 10% by the Tower of San Giovanni with peaks reaching 16% for a stretch about 3 km long.

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