Beaches for dogs

Despite dog access to the beach is allowed by the law, provided that dogs have a muzzle and are taken on leash by their owners,in almost all beaches in Elba Island, dog access and bathing are not very welcomed. In addition dogs are to be well educated, harmless and must not disturb swimmers. Many beach clubs have managed to provide the right services to host tourists on holiday with their dogs, provided that these are well educated, harmless and that they do not disturb swimmers.

Generally small sized dogs are easier to take to the beach. Anyway usually it is preferable to choose less popular beaches, those reachable by sea, or walking the dog by the sea at dawn in order not to disturb swimmers.

There are two beaches for dogs in Elba. One is on the southern coast on a stretch of Fonza beach which is exclusively dedicated to dogs. The other beach for dogs is easier to get to as it is located along the road of Mola that leads to Porto Azzurro, right after the Capoliveri junction. The Beach of Mola offers an equipped area for all those who wish to take their dogs to the beach in compliance with the regulation shown.

Prade beach

Prade beach

Wild beach ideal for dogs.
Features: sand and gravel.

San Giovanni beach

San Giovanni beach

Wild beach ideal for dogsFeatures: pebbly and sandy--INTRO- Beach gravel mixed with sand, in the municipality of Por...
Spiaggia di Ferrato

Spiaggia di Ferrato

Wild and natural beach without services.
Features: pebbles and sand.

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